Rocks and stones are not as hard as we think. Everything is a matter of temperature.
By exposing stones to high temperatures and melting them, their fluid nature is revealed.
Place is fluid.
Sometimes i have an image in my head: a stone that can be opened up and inside there is a sentence, or maybe just a word, as if the stone were a chinese fortune cookie.
I fire and melt stones using traditional ceramic firing techniques. By doing this, I am bringing the stones on their way to their origin: the Earth’s mantle, and ultimately to the Earth's core.
Each stone reacts differently to the firings, according to their composition and to the temperature they are confronted with. Forcing the temperature and holding it at it’s highest peak makes the stones bend, melt or even boil.
The result is a collection of sculptural fired stones. Next to these, some modeled and glazed ceramic stones and tools are placed, suggesting a narration. Both, the actual stones and the ceramic objects share kilns, temperatures and in the end the presentation platforms. Is there any fundamental difference between them?
Time on Earth, seen through the perspective of stones and rocks, aquires a new dimension. 

images: Kunstraum am Limes, dimensions variable, 2018 / 20square7, Berlin, 2019.